Footsteps Survey: the Results

A good proportion of Footsteps supporters completed the recent Footsteps Direction and Priorities Survey – thanks to everyone who took part.

We’ve prepared a report of the survey’s results and conclusions, which is being used by the Footsteps steering group to help plan future Footsteps events and activities. 

In general respondents indicated that Footsteps should be concentrating on influencing local faith communities, working together across faith boundaries, engaging with young people, encouraging Birmingham faith leaders to speak out and taking faith-based messages to local Councillors, MPs and secular environmental groups.

In relation to the work that Footsteps is already doing, respondents indicated that:

  • Interfaith events and activities that bring people from different faith communities together on environmental issues are important.
  • Engaging with young people and the Small Footsteps activities are important.

In terms of who Footsteps should be working with, respondents indicated that:

  • Footsteps should be working with Birmingham’s worshipping communities and their local leaders.
  • Footsteps should be encouraging Birmingham’s faith leaders to speak out on climate action.
  • Footsteps should be taking a faith-based message to local politicians and secular environmental and climate groups.

In terms of what Footsteps should also be doing, respondents indicated that

  • There is a need to be able to develop and better communicate the faith and values based reasons for climate and environmental action.
  • Footsteps can play an environmental and climate advocacy role based on shared faith-based values.

The report sets the survey results in the context of Footsteps work since its inception in 2015 in the run up to the Paris Climate Summit and also includes the responses to the individual questions in graphical form.

The final survey question asked respondents to rate the importance of Key Priorities for Footsteps going forward.  The graphic shows how raising awareness of faith-based action on the climate was rated the most important and all activities were seen as important. 

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