Saving Energy in the Home

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Saving Energy in the Home is part of Footsteps’ response to the energy and cost of living crisis and by helping people reduce energy use, pay fuel bills and keep warm and healthy.

Brum energy circle

Brum Energy

Footsteps is part of BrumEnergy, a collaboration of six community organisations supporting people of Birmingham to:  

  • Be warmer and more comfortable at home
  • Save money on energy bills
  • Improve their health and well-being
  • Reduce carbon emission

BrumEnergy is led by Birmingham Voluntary Service Council and other partners include Acocks Greener, Community Energy Birmingham, ecobirmingham, MECC Trust, Birmingham Green Doors and Witton Lodge Community Association. 

Footsteps role is to connect BrumEnergy with Birmingham’s faith communities. 

Ways to save energy in the home range from small steps that help reduce electricity use, through low-cost changes that can make big differences to a complete ‘retrofit’ that can reduce energy use and costs by up to 80%. 

Energy Saving Flashcards

To help you find the right energy saving action for you, Footsteps has developed sets of energy saving flash cards that give basic information about a wide range of ways to save energy and reduce bills.

The cards have been successfully used including:

  • As a basic source of information about ways to save energy;
  • At ‘conversation starters’ at community events, Places of Welcome, Energy Cafes and similar;
  • Hand-outs at meetings;
  • Presentations to groups;
  • and in other ways.

The information on the cards has been drawn from a range of sources.  Footsteps is indebted to the Centre for Sustainable Energy, Citizens Advice Bureau, Energy Saving Trust, Birmingham Energy Advice Manual and other sources as well as the knowledge and experience of Footsteps members.

Flash card formats

Each flash card has basic information on an energy saving action on the front and, on the back, suggestions and tips on how to reduce energy use. 

Flash cards can be downloaded below as PDF files. One set has 1 card per A4 page for viewing and slide shows. The other set has 4 cards per A4 page, to make 4x A6 sized cards  These are designed to be printed double sided on A4 paper or 160 gsm light card on a colour inkjet or laser printer.  Each A4 sheet is then cut into quarters to give four cards.

Printers vary in their double-sided printing capability so you will need to check out how best to print the cards on your printer.  It is easiest if you have access to a colour printer that has a sheet feed that will automatically print double sided.  Otherwise, you will need to print one side first and then turn the card over. 


Other faith community resources

Birmingham’s faith communities also have their own resources and initiatives for helping members reduce energy use and live more sustainably.  Here are some links: