Saving Energy in the Home


Saving Energy in the Home is part of Footsteps’ response to the energy and cost of living crisis and by helping people reduce energy use, pay fuel bills and keep warm and healthy.

All of our work is also part of Birmingham’s 2019 climate emergency declaration ‘To aspire for the City to be net zero carbon by 2030 or as soon after as a just transition permits – making sure we take communities with us, protecting employment and without impoverishing deprived communities’..  We also seek to connect Birmingham faith communities to the Council’s Route to Zero activities and are part of the Birmingham Faith Covenant Partnership.   

Join the Footsteps energy champion network

Footsteps’ energy champion network will continue and become the ‘saving energy in the home’ strand of Footsteps’ work, alongside our successful ‘saving energy at faith buildings’ programme. 

For those who join the network, we will:

  • keep you informed about Footsteps ‘energy saving in the home’ work.  
  • send you invitations to energy saving events and activities.
  • continue to develop the energy champion flash cards for use in different situations and take energy saving advice to the growing network of Places of Warm Welcome in Birmingham.
  • do all we can to connect Birmingham faith community members and groups to help and grants provided by the Council and others.

Register to be part of the Footsteps’ energy champion network:

Network Resources Energy saving flashcards

Flashcards have been developed as ‘conversation starters’ and as ‘windows’ into useful information on the web.

Footsteps is indebted to the Centre for Sustainable Energy, Citizens Advice Bureau, Energy Saving Trust, Birmingham Energy Advice Manual and other sources as well as the knowledge and experience of Footsteps members.

Other faith community resources

Birmingham’s faith communities also have their own resources and initiatives for helping members reduce energy use and live more sustainably.  Here are some links:

Volunteer Energy Champions

If you want to be a volunteer Energy Champion trained and supported to become a source of energy knowledge, advice and support in your own local community, you should register here with Act on Energy Warmer Homes West Midlands as a volunteer Energy Champions. Act on Energy is the largest provider of energy advice in the West Midlands. Their volunteers benefit from the resources and full training that Act on Energy can provide. Their training can lead to a nationally accredited City and Guild qualification in energy awareness opening up paid work opportunities and a career in energy advice for you.

Crowd Funding Donations

If you do not have the time to join our energy champion network or become a volunteer Energy Champion, you can still be part of our energy champion initiative by making a crowdfunding donation towards costs.