Faiths for Fun

Footsteps in pictures at Birmingham Council of Faiths ‘Faiths for Fun’ event at Hamstead Hall Academy

Chris and Prubhjyot attended Birmingham Council of Faiths’ Faiths for Fun event at Hamstead Hall Academy, running a Footsteps ‘base’ where 65 youngsters from the scouting movement took part in making #ShowTheLove hearts depicting something in nature they loved and wanted to protect .

The Footsteps base was highly rated in feedback from the youngsters.  Not as high, though, as the Sikh base next door, as they were not only doing something practical, but you could also eat the chapattis!

Two of the high points for Chris were the rousing closing camp fire singing we are ‘going on a bear hunt’  Also one of the guides helping clear up afterwards said that she was going to the Victoria Square school strike on Friday, and asked if she could have all of the Climate Coalition stickers to give out.

A successful afternoon all round!

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