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Are you a Birmingham church, mosque, temple, synagogue, gurdwara or other place of worship that cares about climate change?  Would you like to raise awareness of its causes and effects in your faith?

Footsteps can help you with this by offering resources, speakers, events and other support and contacts.

We also need your help to arrange appealing events for people of all ages and faiths – can you help us by providing a channel of communication and telling us what works well?

We would love to hear from you from you about what you are doing and how Footsteps might be able to help.

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    1. Hi Jeff, we were pleased to have our first event in the Black Country last Autumn, you can read how it went here.

      In the longer term, I think we’d be happy to share our experience in Birmingham with anyone in the Black Country, other parts of the W Mids and beyond who would like to set up a Footsteps style network in their area.

  1. Would you like to contact me

    Ludlow under Pressure which is aflliated to ‘Churches Together Around Ludlow’ (CTAL) would like to discuss possibility of a talk about this scheme.

  2. I hope to move to Birmingham – a city I know from numerous visits – and currently live in Lancaster. I’d like in to promoting calming meditation by walks through labyrinths to allow spirituality a place among our crowded streets and parks.
    Noticed how empty church car parks are while the covid19 limitations mean they are unused, its possible to draw out a labyrinth on the hard surface, or on a lawn using sports marker paint. For a more durable design the playground colourful soft play surface material would be another way of creating a design.

    1. Thanks Faith, this is a nice idea for any faith groups with some unused public space (as long as it can be done with social distancing in mind).

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