Young People

Right from its inception in November 2015 Footsteps has endeavoured to involve young people in its work and activities, not least because young people will be the generation most affected by, but which has done least to cause, climate change. 

A number of activities have been run specifically for young people, most notably the ‘Small Footsteps’ interfaith environmental summer schools for young people in 2016 and 2017.

Events have been held to enable the voices of young people be heard.  Footsteps has also included young people in a number of actual and online programmes.

Footsteps: Young People

BFA OOP Earthday Matt Sowerby Photo (3)

Climate – Perspectives of Young People

Following Footsteps’ 2020 Earth Day gathering, this workshop provided an opportunity to listen to the stories of young people who have been leading the call for meaningful change.  The workshop was also to provide the Birmingham City Council Taskforce with a view from the grassroots of what is needed from young people’s perspectives. Some 10 […]

faiths for fun 1

Faiths for Fun

Footsteps in pictures at Birmingham Council of Faiths ‘Faiths for Fun’ event at Hamstead Hall Academy Chris and Prubhjyot attended Birmingham Council of Faiths’ Faiths for Fun event at Hamstead Hall Academy, running a Footsteps ‘base’ where 65 youngsters from the scouting movement took part in making #ShowTheLove hearts depicting something in nature they loved […]


Celebrating Small Footsteps

Check out our video celebrating Small Footsteps. Small Footsteps is a unique environmental programme run by Footsteps aimed at young people from different faith backgrounds.  The aim of the programme was to create young leaders and campaigners of change and also to highlight to them that all faiths had the same teachings about the environment […]