Scouts Share Energy Saving Tips

Footsteps at BCF Faiths for Fun 2023 at the 31st Sutton Scout Building in Streetly

Footsteps had a base again this year at the 14th great Faiths for Fun event held at the at the 31st Sutton Scout Building in Streetly on Sunday 12th March 2023. The event has become increasingly popular during the last 13 years with lots of new creative ideas each year. Everybody was very excited as this was the first Faiths for Fun in person since 2019.

Birmingham Council of Faiths’ (BCF) talented webmaster, Sabir Elias, aided by one of the youngsters, produced a brilliant promotional video that tells you all about Faiths for Fun.

This year the Footsteps’ base involved creating energy saving flashcards, each highlighting different ways to save energy. Footsteps energy champion flashcards and shared experiences of how to save energy were used as inspirations.

At the sound of a whistle groups of scouts would move from base to base.

Toqueer and Chris manned the Footsteps base and demonstrated infrared thermometers and electricity monitors highlighting how their flash card help them gain a Scout Scientist activity badge.

Most of the scouts were 8 – 12 years old and drew pictures on the front of their flash cards with examples of action on the back. Before moving to the next base each scout was awarded a Footsteps energy champion badge and took their flash card home to ‘champion’ energy saving.

About 40 scouts visited the Footsteps base during the afternoon. Useful conversations about Footsteps and energy champions took place with scout leaders, and with the Deputy Lord Mayor who had opened the afternoon.

As always, Faiths for Fun was an enjoyable experience for all and ended with a rousing singing around a simulated campfire!

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