From Global Solidarity to Local Action

In February and March 2024 the Letters from the Global South exhibition was hosted at All Saints Church, Kings Heath. Footsteps took the opportunity to hold a workshop exploring how the Exhibition and the Climate and Ecology Bill can inspire local action.  

Letters from the Global South Exhibition

Letters from the Global South is a travelling, pop-up exhibition that aims to increase awareness of the impacts of climate change and environmental destruction in the majority world.  The images, letters and short testimonials that make up the exhibition are real-life accounts from communities worldwide already impacted by climate change and nature destruction.  

The Exhibition had already been incorporated in an All Saints’ Sunday morning service with congregation members creating their own response to the messages from young people from the Global South. 

Some of the All Saints’ responses are below. 

Footsteps’ ‘From Global Solidarity to Local Action’ workshop

After viewing the exhibition, 25 of us held a Footsteps’ workshop aimed at gaining ideas for local climate action. We drew inspiration from the exhibition, the speakers and our fellow attendees.  There was also an update on Footsteps’ work and a display of energy saving resources and flash cards from Footsteps’ collaboration with the BVSC BrumEnergy project. 

Our first speaker, Stephanie Boyle explained how Eco Together focused on the four main powers everyone has to make a difference:  lifestyle, communication, community and advocacy.  Stephanie has set up five Eco Together groups across Birmingham enabling people to take climate action in ways that are appropriate to their situations and interests.

Next Caroline Egan outlined the evolution of the Climate and Ecology Private Member’s Bill and how it was unique in tackling the climate and ecological emergencies together.  It is a blueprint for a new UK law that addresses the full extent of the climate and nature crisis in line with the most up-to-date science.

Caroline also explained the movement building and Zero Hour campaign that complements and supports the Parliamentary work on the Bill.

We ended with a lively Q & A session and table discussions about the climate action inspired by our speakers.

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