Could you host a Small Footsteps session this Summer?

Footsteps are offering a summer programme of activities for young people aged 8 – 12 years, themed around the environment. And we are looking for faith groups to join us as host locations: could your place of worship be one of them?

As (hopefully) we come out of lock-down the Small Footsteps programme will provide opportunities for young people to get together in their communities and open spaces to have fun together, experience the natural world, and take something home with them. Footsteps and Central England Quakers will meet the cost of the activities and can provide small grants towards other costs.

Rather than be led from a central location, the 2021 Small Footsteps programme will be brought to faith communities in Birmingham. Host places of worship can ‘pick and mix’ from a range of activities to build into their own half or full day events. If you have a young people’s group, or are planning summer activities, Small Footsteps can fit in with your existing arrangements.

If your place of worship (or community space) is interested in being a host organisation, please contact

The programme builds on earlier successful Small Footsteps programmes (the photo above shows Small Footsteps in 2016).  Activities will be delivered by experienced facilitators around three themes:

  • Connecting with Nature,
  • Reducing our Footprint,
  • Earth-Friendly Skills. 

At the end of an activity, the young people will make a pledge and be given a ‘Small Footsteps Champion’ badge and certificate.

More information about the programme is on our website.

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