Faith Insight Report: Just Transition

Footsteps’ faith insight papers are intended to provide a faith community perspective on the Birmingham City Council Climate Emergency (R20) Task Force’s work. In particular they seek to identify how problems need to be re-framed and new mindsets adopted to achieve a net zero carbon city by 2030 or as soon after as a just transition permits.

The values of love and justice, care for the earth and hope for a better future shared by Birmingham’s faith communities provide a powerful moral compass and source of inspiration to act in response to the city’s climate emergency declaration. These values are not exclusive to faith communities and are shared by many concerned Birmingham residents. The faith communities, though, are well placed to provide a vision of a fairer, healthier and sustainable Birmingham and demonstrate how it can be achieved.

This paper considers:

  • Faith community perspectives;
  • Interfaith contributions to a just transition;
  • International Agreements and UK Climate Act;
  • Different facets and processes.

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