Glasgow Ready

Six years on from the 2015 Paris Climate Summit (COP21) when Footsteps was formed, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP 26) will take place in Glasgow from 1 – 12 November 2021, hosted jointly by the UK and Italy.  Its agenda will be the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement 2015, and it will address the need for countries to raise the level of their carbon emission reduction pledges agreed in 2015. The conference will aim to give particular support to countries on the frontline of climate change, enabling them to make essential adaptations to cope with a crisis they have done least to cause.

Footsteps works at city and community level in Birmingham.  At the beginning of 2021, the country is in the grip of the Covid 19 pandemic. It is exposing divides in the community similar to those that climate change will lead to.  The pandemic is exacerbating differences between high- and low-income groups, because those in low paid insecure employment are least able to insulate themselves from the effects of the pandemic.  Health and well-being inequalities between communities, ethnic groups and generations are also being highlighted. 

Footsteps’ Interfaith Week 2020 Round up started our focus on the November 2021 Glasgow Climate conference.   During 2021 we will be developing this theme to send a strong message to Glasgow from Birmingham.  

Footsteps: Glasgow Ready

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Sacred People, Sacred Earth

On 11 March Footsteps held a ‘Local to Global – the power of interfaith action for the climate’ webinar in conjunction with Faith for the Climate and as part of GreenFaith’s Sacred People, Sacred Earth global day of climate action. Over 30 participants from across the UK saw two short videos about Footstep’s work in […]


Interfaith Week 2020: Round-up

2020 National Interfaith Week Birmingham Programme Birmingham Council of Faiths (BCF) – Footsteps’ parent charity – again coordinated Birmingham’s contribution to National Interfaith Week 2020. The week aims to strengthen interfaith relations and to increase understanding and awareness between faith communities and with those with non-religious beliefs.  The Covid-19 Pandemic presented particular challenges and most […]

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Learning from Covid-19

Learning from Covid-19: repairing the damage, embedding the positives Following Footsteps’ 2020 Earth Day gathering, this workshop provided an opportunity to listen to stories about the damage that Covid virus is causing, hearing about faith community responses and identify how to embed positive changes.  The workshop was also to provide the Birmingham City Council Taskforce […]