Faiths together for carbon neutral cities

Kamran Shezad from BAHU Trust (and a Footsteps member) joined a panel discussion at COP26, organised by Faith for the Climate, to discuss ‘faiths together for carbon neutral cities’. You can view a video of the discussion below.

Alongside Kamran on the panel were Amandeep Kaur Mann (EcoSikh UK), Rajesh Purohit (Hindu Climate Action) and Olivia Fuchs (Eco Dharma Network). The panel was followed by a response from Olivia Hanks, a Quaker representative from Faith for the Climate’s Steering Group, and chaired by Canon Giles Goddard, founder and Chair of Faith for the Climate and member of the Church of England’s Environment Working Group.

The panel members are part of the Faith for the Climate capacity building project – a unique case study of the power of interfaith and intra-faith collaboration on climate action in cities and the built environment. Action on climate change is urgent, but it is also a new and confusing area for many people, who need an entry point to feel connected to the issue and to take ownership of their responses and contributions.

The four partner organisations have strong relationships with diasporic communities within their cultural and religious traditions, including in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, North America, Europe, East Africa and Southeast Asia. This event will showcase how emerging grassroots leaders from minority backgrounds in the UK have transformed and empowered themselves and their communities to take more effective climate action.


  1. I’m impressed by the diverse range of organisations involved in Footsteps in Birmingham. As I live in Coventry, could you put me in touch with someone in my town?

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