West Midlands Green Jobs Summit

20/10/2021, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Footsteps are contributing to this Friends of the Earth West Midlands event, open to anyone who is interested in developing a shared vision for green jobs in our region:

The event will bring decision-makers, trade unions, businesses and skills providers together with young people and community groups from across the county to develop a shared vision for green jobs and ask what practical steps are needed to accelerate this agenda?

The event will be held on  Zoom and the formal session will run from 18.30hrs -20.00hrs

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The West Midlands is at a very important crossroads. As we start building a greener and healthier world after the pandemic, we need to transform our economy, our homes, our treatment of the natural world, how we use resources and how we get about if we’re to create a secure future for our community.

From Coventry to Wolverhampton, new jobs in energy efficiency, low-carbon heating, solar power and wind power, creating a circular economy and more active travel could bring enormous social and economic benefits. The West Midlands has a key role to play in tackling the climate and nature emergencies. But does it have the skilled workforce to deliver the progress we need in the next decade?

Our inspiring panel of speakers will provide a showcase of the huge potential for creating thousands of rewarding, skilled ‘green’ jobs across the region. Policy and decision makers will then explain how we should respond to this opportunity.

This event is hosted by West Midlands Friends of the Earth local groups and our local activists from across the region.

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