We Make Tomorrow

Footsteps had a stand and was well-represented at the recent We Make Tomorrow conference at the MAC.

Organised by Brum Climate Justice Coalition, the event helped to get clear ideas on how groups in Birmingham can effectively fight for climate justice ahead of COP28 in Dubai.  A theme running through the  day was the need for groups to be working together based on common justice and peace demands, other than each working in its own silo.  We needed to mobilise large numbers of people and this could only be achieved by combining around what we have in common with our demands. 

For Chris two of the highlights were key note speakers Luke Espiritu, a labour leader joining from the Philippines, and Kamran Shezad, BAHU Trust and Footsteps, speaking about the direct effects that climate change is having now in the Philippines and in Pakistan.

Plans are being made for a major action on December 9th in the middle of COP28.

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