Earth Day 2021

On Earth Day (22nd April 2021) Footsteps explored Local to Global – the power of interfaith action for the climate. Our webinar attracted 20 participants ranging from northern California, Warwick University to local activists and environmental campaigners.  

We saw two short videos about Footsteps’ work in Birmingham, then Marilyn Hull from Birmingham Anglican Climate Action chaired a lively discussion sharing experiences and opportunities to work together. Although the starting point was the same as our recent event for Sacred People Sacred Earth, the discussion went in a different direction – showing the many possibilities for engaging with climate action.

You can view an edited recording below.

If you’re interested in a particular section of the discussion, use the timings below to jump in:  

00:00Local to Global – Earth Day Webinar 2021 – Power of Interfaith Action (17 mins)
Small Footsteps summer schools
Footsteps Balsall Heath & Moseley summer faith walk
Footsteps’ City Council Climate Emergency engagement
17:14City Council Route to Zero Progress Update
18:03Council Climate Action in Warwickshire
20.39The power of fiction as a climate action tool
23:43Footsteps Local Action (9 mins)
Replacing incineration campaign
Earth Day 2019 – Kings Heath eco-fair
Earth Day 2020
Listening to Young People
32:46COP26 Relay
36:56Tyseley Incinerator Update
38:28Political and behaviour change
42:07Climate pledges
44:00Closing Reflections

Useful links highlighted by participants:

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