Footsteps at local community events

Footsteps was at the Kings Heath Earth Day Celebration organised by All Saints Church in the Village Square, Kings Heath. A steady stream of people enjoyed interactive games, face painting, learning, fun and conversation.  A couple of weeks later Footsteps had a stall at the Martineau Gardens open day. 

A feature of the Footsteps stand at both events was a simple activity where visitors used red beans to ‘vote’ for the two Earth issues they thought were most critical, and then two white beans to indicate who they thought should be responsible for taking action to protect the Earth.    

The results were similar at both events.  The most critical Earth issues were identified as ‘climate change’ and ‘loss of biodiversity’, followed by ‘air pollution’ and ‘plastic pollution’.  In terms of who should be responsible for taking action, ‘individuals & families’ and ‘business & industry’ were seen as the clear leaders, followed some way behind by ‘national & local governments’. 

The importance attached to business and industry was interesting, and will be highlighted when Footsteps has its summer walk at the Tyseley Energy Park in August.  Most of importantly of all, our activity was a catalyst for some stimulating conversations about the issues involved, and interest in Footsteps work.

If you’d like us to bring our activity to your event in Birmingham, please drop us an email at

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