Connecting with Nature


These practical activities connect young people with the natural world around them, encouraging visits to local parks, open spaces, gardens and allotments. 

Young people are encouraged to become a Small Footsteps earth champions taking positive actions to encourage their families, friends and communities to take up activities that connect them with the earth. 

Activities on offer cover the importance of biodiversity, how plants are an important part of many life cycles, they support insects, birds and mammals by providing food and habitats for nesting and shelter.



To Earth with Love

(Moving Souls Dance) A workshop to explore how we can tread lightly on the Earth, care for our ‘back garden’ and sow seeds for the future.

green tree

For the Love of Trees

(Forest Schools) An inspiring practical session looking at why trees are essential for a healthy lifestyle and World!

bees 3 mini

Bugs – and Insects!

(Forest Schools) All things Bugs, learn to love them… We will explore the hidden world of bugs, and ask those all-important questions Where, What, Who and Why?

Next Steps

If you are interested in hosting one or more of these activities, please get in touch to discuss further:

Other activities may be available by discussion with Footsteps and the activity providers.