To Earth with Love

A workshop to explore how we can tread lightly on the Earth, care for our ‘back garden’ and sow seeds for the future.

  • What is of interest to us about the Earth we can see touch, smell, follow? 
  • Which are our favourite birds/ animals/insects/ flowers/ trees?
  • Where do we go to see and be in nature & observe or engage in helping the natural cycle?

Our experienced facilitators will take us into our local environment to explore the nature that is all around us, and then explore creative responses: drawing & painting, dancing & movement, speech & poetry.

Participants will be encouraged to become a Small Footsteps champion and tell their family about what they have learned.

If you are interested in hosting this activity, please get in touch to discuss further:

Delivered by Moving Souls Dance, as part of Small Footsteps.

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