Birmingham Faith Community Map

The map is being developed as part of Project 4F to help direct support on faith communities in localities of greatest need. The 4F Birmingham Faith Community Map draws together information about Birmingham’s places of worship from a range of current and historic sources, including the faith map  that was on the Birmingham City Council website until 2013. 

The map is linked to information about levels of disadvantage and fuel impoverishment in Birmingham and also contains details of how places of worship are working with and supporting their local communities. 

Provisional Birmingham Faith Community Map Details

The map draws together information about Birmingham’s places of worship from a wide range of sources, including the original faith map on the City Council website pre-2013, Places of Worship Registration Act (POWRA) data, information in the public domain provided by faith groups, websites, Google maps and other search tools.

The map contains information about over 800 places of worship in Birmingham.  Faith communities are, though, constantly changing and evolving and we know that there are omissions and errors in our informations.  We want next to combine our provisional maps with the intimate knowledge that many faith communities, councillors,  local community groups and others have of individual wards.

Please let us know how you find provisional faith map booklets useful and how they could be improved:

To help take 4F take the provisional faith community maps the next step forward, please send us additions and corrections on the form which can be downloaded below. If you are not sure which booklet a particular ward is included in, there is also an index of wards below.

Downloads: Provisional Birmingham Faith Community Map booklets