Project 4F Case Study: Shree Ram Mandir

People of faith want to get started on the journey to a low carbon future. There are obstacles to be overcome, but now help is at hand. Through Project 4F, we are working with partner organisations to give advice and help.

Shree Ram Mandir took up the offer of a whole building energy assessment through Project 4F.

Shree Ram Mandir occupies a building that was originally a cinema, built between the wars.  It is now a vibrant Hindu temple and community centre.  Although some activities on site have not been possible during Covid, the centre has played a valuable role in supporting the local community.

A number of energy efficiency works have already been carried out on the building, including a false insulated ceiling to mitigate heat loss; and LED lighting in some parts of the building.  Nevertheless, the building is still quite wasteful of energy, and has high greenhouse gas emissions, due to the following factors:

  • Uninsulated solid walls
  • Some areas of uninsulated flat roofs
  • Uninsulated solid floors
  • The present heating system means that heat ends up near the high ceiling, leaving cold spots nearer the floor
  • Non-LED lighting in some areas of the building

The Project 4F faith building energy assessment made a number of recommendations for action, including:

  • Insulating stud walls
  • Extending the existing raised floor, with insulation
  • Installing under-floor heating beneath the raised floor
  • Replacing non-LED lighting with LEDs
  • Improving ventilation
  • Relocation of fridges/freezers to unheated areas; turning off fridges/freezers that are temporarily empty; regular defrosting of freezers.
  • Solar electricity is likely to be a viable option for this building; it has high demand for artificial lighting during daylight hours

In the meantime, a small grant from Footsteps Project 4F for LED lighting to help achieve some immediate energy savings. 

Next Steps

Contact for a discussion about an energy assessment for your faith building.

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