Replace Incineration with Better Waste Options

Let’s challenge Birmingham City Council to stop burning 75% of the waste that they collect from households and businesses. Instead, we ask that they plan for the waste items to be re-used, recycled, composted or digested.

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What’s the problem with Tyseley Incinerator?

Tyseley Incinerator is where Birmingham’s general waste is currently burned – the plant is the biggest single source of carbon dioxide emissions in the city.  Birmingham Friends of the Earth have produced a briefing if you’d like to know more.

What could happen to this waste instead?

Food waste could be collected separately and ‘anaerobically digested’ (a bit like composting, but on a large scale).  More of our textiles, electronics, paper, metal, glass and plastic could be reused or recycled.  The small amount of waste that is left would be cause less damage being buried than burned.

Why are you saying this now?

The contract for this rubbish burning will soon be running out, but there is a possibility that it will be extended until 2034—which would not be compatible with going net-zero carbon by 2030. So now is a good time to rethink how we deal with rubbish, and start putting in place the alternatives.

What can I do?

Sign the petition, which is supported by Birmingham Friends of the Earth, Climate Action West Midlands, Footsteps (Faiths for a Low Carbon Future), Peace Hub, and Jai Jagat UK.

We need plenty of names of people who live, study or work in Birmingham, to take to the Council meeting at the start of December.

Sign the petition

What has already been happening?

On 21st September, two groups of 6 people (representing the organisations above) walked between Birmingham City Centre and Tyseley Incinerator to highlight this issue. Watch the video below to find out what happened!

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