‘Our Common Home: Caring for God’s Creation’

‘Our Common Home: Caring for God’s Creation’ is an illustrated Study Guide for ecumenical Christian groups, which has been written by a group of 5 women in Birmingham.

Although it is intended for Lent study groups, it could be adapted for other seasons of the Christian year. Within the broad theme of creation there is a particular emphasis on climate change. It is based on the Lord’s Prayer and has 5 sessions, each with a bible passage, a prayer, a poem, points for discussion and ideas for action or abstinence. It draws on the papal encyclical Laudato Si’ and on examples of the effects of climate change from around the world.

Some of the suggestions for action are specific to the local area (Kings Heath, Birmingham) but these could easily be adapted to other localities. It has been fruitfully trialled by 7 ecumenical groups during Lent 2018.

Download the study guide

If you plan to use the Study Guide it would be appreciated if you could let Footsteps know and send in any feedback on your experience.

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