Energy Champions


Energy Champions

A faith community based response to the energy crisis helping people reduce energy use, pay fuel bills and keep warm and healthy.

What are Energy Champions?

As trusted members of their own community’s energy champions will provide community members with basic information about keeping warm, help with understanding and paying energy bills and pointers towards local sources of help and support. They will help connect community members with other sources of other help available.

How Can I Get Involved?

We are facing a fuel bill and energy crisis this winter. Become a Footsteps energy champion and you will be able to start playing a part in helping your community members find ways of lowering home energy use and reducing bills.

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Energy champion role

Energy champions will provide:

  • Keeping warm support
  • Paying for energy help
  • Staying well guidance

Induction Training & Upskilling

All energy champions will receive an induction covering the basics, with online materials to help you.

There is also the potential to reach more formal accreditation.

About the Project

Energy Champions is a project of Footsteps (Faiths for a Low Carbon Future), a branch of Birmigham Council of Faiths (reg charity no. charity no. 1015006) collaborating with partner organisations.